1967 Time Capsule

The Toronto Maple Leafs were reigning Stanley Cup champions back in 1967.

Here are the Top 25 examples of what was different back in the day as selected by readers of The Complete History of Toronto Maple Leafs Championships in the Last Six Decades.

  • Canada had half the population that it has today
  • players and coaches smoked in the dressing room
  • NHL players had summer jobs to supplement their incomes
  • the price of the most expensive ticket to a Stanley Cup final game at Maple Leaf Gardens was $7.00 (equivalent to $55.00 today)
  • 2,000,000 viewers watched the final game of the 1967 Stanley Cup (approximately 10% of the Canadian population)
  • each player received a $3,000 bonus for winning the '67 Stanley Cup from the owners of the Toronto Maple Leafs (equivalent to $24,000 today)
  • 1967 Stanley Cup parade route of 3.5 km was attended by 25,000 people
  • "Such receptions have become a tradition." - What Toronto Mayor Dennison said at the 1967 Stanley Cup championship celebration at City Hall
  • Expo 67 organizers in Montreal planned to display the Stanley Cup in the Quebec exhibit, but the surprise Toronto Maple Leafs victory meant that it was displayed in the Ontario exhibit for the month of July
  • cash was used everywhere, not credit cards
  • there were no lotteries in Canada
  • black and white televisions were the norm
  • there was no 9-1-1 service
  • there were no McDonalds in Canada
  • there was no light beer
  • there were no Pringles potato chips
  • there were no Frosted Pop-Tarts
  • there was no Mr. Rogers' Neighbourhood or Sesame Street
  • there were no self-serve gas stations in Canada
  • there were no Starbucks coffee shops
  • there were no Walmart or IKEA stores in Canada
  • there were no cable channels TSN, Sportsnet, ESPN
  • there were no disposable razors
  • not all cars came with seatbelts; they were optional
  • there were no handheld calculators